The British Canoeing Coach Award is for anyone that is keen to help others in their paddling skill development. It allows you to work through the scheme at your own pace, going straight to the award that you are interested in (e.g. if you happen to be a white water canoe leader, you can go straight to the white water canoe coach award, rather than having to work your way up via sheltered water first). Whichever pathway(s) you chose, you start with the core training (2 days) which introduces the concepts in coaching that are fundamental to all the disciplines. You can then go on to the discipline specific training course (a further 2 days) of your choice (or more than one if you are so inclined). Then after a period of development and consolidation you will be ready to go for your assessment day. The whole scheme is designed to be flexible and centred on you, and at Flying Gecko we will make sure that wherever you are on your coaching journey, we'll do our absolute best to support you; before, during and long after you have completed your course(s) with us. If you would like some help and guidance navigating your way around the options, do just get in touch, I'm always really happy to chat about coaching!
Already on the coach award journey? Have a look here for a load of links and resources to help you on your way!

A theory Session during coach core training

We currently offer the following coach award training and assessment courses:
Core Training
Sheltered Water Canoe/Kayak
Canoe White Water
Canoe Open Water
Sheltered Water SUP
Open Water SUP

Training Courses
I can come to your club or centre to deliver these courses for you (just get in touch to arrange), or you can book onto one of my open courses, which I run in and around Leamington Spa and Stratford on Avon.
All my open courses are £200 per person, apart from the combined canoe ww/ow one, which is £380.

Discount for booking core and discipline specific training together:  £360 for both courses (or £550 for core, canoe ow and ww).

For more details or to book your place, just email me.
If you can't see dates that work for you, just get in touch - we may well be able to arrange a course to suit you, and then fill it.

Courses marked * in the table are one's I am running with, or for, another provider. If you are interested in one of these just email me and I'll put you in touch with the person dealing with enquiries and bookings for that course.

Open training courses coming up in 2022:

Course Date Location
Core April 11th/12th
June 8th/9th FULL
June 15/16
*July 11th/12th
August 15th/16th
*August 30th/31st
October 20th/21st
December 5th/6th
Sheltered Water
*April 21st/22nd
June 13th/14th
August 22nd/23rd
*Sept 1st/2nd
*October 3rd/4th
October 22nd/23rd
Sheltered Water
Feb 8th/9th FULL
June 20th/21st
*July 13th/14th
Aug 17th/18th FULL
*November 3rd/4th
December 7th/8th
Open Water SUP October 1st/2nd
Dec 1st/2nd
North Wales
Canoe WW/OW October 10th to 13th North Wales
Canoe Coach Training

Assessment Days

I run assessments on a bespoke basis, to give you a really empowering and relaxed assessment. I'm happy to travel to a venue of your choice (or get in touch and we can decide on somewhere suitable). Assessments can be organised in any of the disciplines listed above, for 1 or 2 candidates per day.
Assessment day costs:
£160 per person if there are 2 of you
£260 for a single candidate
£300 for single candidate, dual discipline (i.e. sheltered SUP and canoe/kayak in a single day)
These prices apply assuming your chosen venue is within approx 100 miles (by road) of Coventry, i.e. the Midlands, North/Mid Wales, Eastern Region, etc. I'm happy to travel further, but this may incur additional costs depending on how far I need to travel, and whether I can combine it with other courses in the area.
Just get in touch and we can start planning your assessment day together.

Coach Core Course
SUP Sheltered Water Award

Feedback from recent coach course participants:
"Excellent support all the way through the process from start to finish - thank you Jenna!"
"You can tell you really believe in this stuff which helps immensely, to know it works and you use it in your own coaching"
"I highly recommend Jenna and Flying Gecko - my go to training provider."
"Very knowledgeable and approachable"
"The balance between time on the water and in the class room was perfect. It was obvious that you had carefully considered the best way to deliver the information we were receiving. You did great!"
"It was very easy to relate to what was discussed on the course"
"Jenna is a very calm, knowledgeable tutor with a very positive teaching style."
"Excellent delivery, engaging and very good at answering questions when raised"
"Excellent combination of class room theory and practical application bringing it to life."
"Really good, I would happily recommend Jenna's courses."

For all of the official information on the coach courses, have a look at the below links to the British Canoeing Awarding Body site. There's a lot to navigate, so if you want some help, or just don't really like reading 30+ page documents, just drop me a line!

Coach Award Information
Coach Award Documents and Resources