Paddlesport Leader Award

The Paddlesport Leader qualification is perfect for you if you want to be confident and competent taking groups of people out for journeys in the sheltered water environment. The award covers all craft types, so although you can chose the craft you lead from, you'll be able to lead  a group including canoes, kayak and SUPs once qualified. From January 2021, there will also be the option to take the award in more challenging environments, with the Paddlesport Touring Leader Award.
There is plenty of information about the Paddlesport Leader Award in British Canoeing's course guide here, but there's a lot to read, so if you'd prefer to have a chat about what the different awards are all about, and which one would be best for you, do just get in touch!

British Canoeing Paddlesport Touring Leader

Training Courses
As training courses are not compulsory for these awards, I run them on a bespoke basis, and can plan one in to suit you. You could chose to do the full British Canoeing training course (2 days) or we could concentrate on the areas you need to develop, over whatever time period you feel is suitable. Just get in touch to have a chat about your options.

Paddlesport Touring Leader

Assessment Courses
Assessments usually run over 2 days, with up to 4 candidates - one day in open water and one on a river. One day assessments are also possible  (for 1 or 2 candidates) if the venue allows (i.e. there are both environments available in the same place).
When you are ready for asessment, just get in touch and we can organise dates for you, and discuss how to plan the assessment to give you the best possible time.

Course Costs:
British Canoeing Paddlesport Leader Training or Assessment
£480: 2 days, 1 or 2 participants
£600: 2 days, 3 or 4 participants

Bespoke Training Days (or shorter sessions)
These are priced the same as for bespoke skills coaching